Atlanta Latino Project

In Atlanta, the Center provides educational services to local professional communities and ethnic communities, and strengthens the relationship of the Department and University with local communities, benefiting our students and graduates.

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Journalism Education in China

In May 2009, CIME Director Leonard Teel taught a graduate course in investigative journalism as an Eminent Foreign Scholar at China’s Beijing Foreign Studies University. His students worked in teams of three to investigate serious economic and health issues: cigarette smoking, breast cancer, and jobs for graduates.

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A Comparative Youth Project Between China and Brazil

This project, conducted by Dr. Hongmei Li and Dr. Leslie Marsh, aims to examine the challenges and problems facing youth in impoverished neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a Chinese city with the intent to help alleviate the effects of poverty and other obstacles to social equality. This project proposes a unique comparative discussion of youth, citizenship and the urban challenges facing two of the fastest growing nations on the global stage. We are particularly interested in the difficulties young girls confront, including discrimination, sexual harassment, gender inequality, access to health information as well as physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.