Journalism Education In China

Journalism Education In China In May 2009, CIME Director Leonard Teel taught a graduate course in investigative journalism as an Eminent Foreign Scholar at China’s Beijing Foreign Studies University. His students worked in teams of three to investigate serious economic and health issues: cigarette smoking, breast cancer, and jobs for graduates. In 2010, a media advocacy project connected to China’s two-year anti-smoking campaign, resulted directly from the students stories.  Seed funding for the ongoing project was granted by Georgia State University’s International Strategic Initiative program.

“Anti-smoking Campaign in China: An Inevitable War” By Wu Fan, Jiang Pin, and Pai Li

“Female Smoking, Devil in Disguise” By Fu Qi,  Sun Meng , and  Zhang  Shufang

“Why the Anti-smoking Campaign Falls into a Paradox in China” By Xu Jing ,  Miao Zhihua, and Li Yanan

“The Ongoing Campaign” By Li Chang, and  Lu Jing, and Pei Wei